'We don't want to be alienated': EU citizens stand firm against Brexit [The Guardian - 25th November 2016]

I was asked to speak at an event at the Library of Birmingham, talking with people about what kind of Brexit they wanted. It was not the first time I had done these events, I took part in several before the referendum. It was, however, the first time that the room was full to the brim with people eager to get their views across. The conversation certainly got heated, showing that there are still some deep divides in this country; that isn't what I took away from this event though. We heard from so many non-UK EU citizens who had faced abuse and uncertainty since the referendum. It was heart-breaking to hear about parents whose children who had been born in this country now wondering what they should do next.  James Carver, a UKIP MEP who was also speaking at the event kept reassuring these people they were welcome here but that certainly hasn't been the line of his party. It's also not for him to say, Theresa May has not made any clear statements about the future of citizens from the continent and what their future holds - she needs to listen to these stories and stop using dithering on such a critical issue. 

You can read more about the participants and their stories from the Guardian by clicking here.

Photograph: Screengab - Taken from original guardian article.