Remembering British Values and showing solidarity with the refugees

On the day Jean-Claude Juncker announced proposed measures for stepping up support for refugees in Europe I spoke in Parliament to address the feelings of hundreds of people across the Midlands who have contacted me. 

At the moment, we're not only failing refugees, we're also failing our own citizens, some of whom are losing faith in the European Union. My inbox has been flooded with messages from West Midlands’ constituents.

The migrant crisis is closely linked to Brexit. We need to be on top of this - morally but also for the referendum debate. It's time to make clear that it is the governments of some member states, like the UK, who are blocking decisive action. On migration, on the Greek crisis, on the major challenges we face today.”

It's a historic day, here in the Parliament but also in the UK as we mark the anniversary as the Queen as our longest serving monarch.

On migration, one of the many big concerns is the 3,000 unaccompanied children have arrived in Europe in recent months. It is on exactly this issue that HRM Queen Elisabeth II - today the longest reigning British monarch in history -  spoke compassionately in her first ever speech, calling for protection of British children escaping the dangers of WWII.

 The refugees escaping Syria, Libya and Iraq today they face the same ordeal of having to flee their homes, and often without parents. We need to do more to ensure that they are permanently relocated and given positive protection and support. That's why I voted for the Keller report as it's clear we need to address the refugee crisis as a European Union.”