Neena speaks to the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

Neena Gill Member of European Parliament gave a speech to the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce today outlining the risks of a Brexit.

Addressing business leaders at the in the West Midlands Neena Gill MEP discussed the benefits of shared trade regulations that mean we are able to freely trade with 500 million customers under one set of rules, instead of dealing with 27 separate sets of legislation.

Neena Gill MEP said:

 “Running a business isn’t all about start-up capital or investment money. It is also about the things less tangible. It is about regulations, the state of the economy, skills of the work force and so on.

“I often hear people complain of ‘red tape’ holding back their business. And, as Gordon Brown said yesterday when he visited Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University, we can all be too quick to point the blame at the EU.  However, I am a member of the ECON committee, and our focus is all about reducing the burden and cutting red tape, particularly for SMEs business.

“Better regulation means doing different things, and also doing them better. It does not mean to deregulate but rather to regulate better; achieving policy goals in the most efficient way.”