David Davis's rare moment of realism

David Davis's remarks that we may have to pay into the EU to stay part of the single market is a rare moment of realism and honesty from the Brexit department. Answering a question in Parliament Davis skirted around the question before saying that accessing the single market was important and that "if that [financial contributions] is included ... then of course we would consider it."

Many of the Leave campaign have played it fast and loose with the truth; painting a picture in which we could leave and still have all the benefits of EU membership without paying anything into it, or having to deal with some of the more difficult aspects of the being part of the union. Davis' comments today show that  we are finally getting a more clear and realistic future for the UK outiside the EU. The news has been welcomed by the markets with the pound  reaching an 8 week high against the dollar. This reaffirms what we have been saying that this government needs to be more transparent with it's Brexit plans, not just for the sake of democracy but also for the state of the economy. 

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