Digital Issues

With years of experience working in analytics, I can see how important it is that we embrace the benefits and opportunities of big data. At the same time, I recognise that it is important for society to regulate the industry in order to keep up as it grows.

More broadly in terms of digital issues, we need to make sure our young people have the chance to find jobs, growth and skills that will enable them to have comfortable long careers in the digital economy. Digital hubs across the region - in Telford, Worcester, Birmingham, Coventry and elsewhere - allow people of all ages to master basic digital skills which make them significantly more employable.

The West Midlands has a history of innovating changes to transport. We are known as being the home to the steam engine, but thanks to our skills in manufacturing and research, there is no reason that we could not now become a world leader in the production of electric and self-driving cars.

With our world-leading universities, large workforce and increasingly good transport links, the West Midlands has the potential to lead and not follow in the digital work revolution. I will stand up for all initiatives that help us to get there.