Labour MEPs back extending EU's Erasmus student exchange scheme to include more disadvantaged young people

Labour MEPs will vote today for a report calling for the EU's Erasmus student exchange programme to be extended to more disadvantaged young people, for example those in vocational training, who cannot currently access the scheme.

Neena Gill MEP said:

“The Erasmus programme has been very successful for university students. Now we are looking to reach out to young people who have chosen another route of training or education.

"Labour at the EU is backing a new Erasmus+ programme, and voting for a report which calls to expand and improve mobility for vocational training and education, including specific support for disabled young people.

"Variety of experience has a clear positive effect in terms of the development of confidence, skills and competences and, ultimately, the employability of young people. It also represents a key opportunity for the self-development of individuals who will learn another language, open-up to other cultures and acquire intercultural skills.

"Opportunities to broaden the horizons of young people and to increase their employability through, travel, work experience and studying in a new environment”