Hate Crimes

Since the EU referendum, violent crimes against minorities have spiked across the West Midlands. In the past three years, West Midlands Police have recorded 57 crimes where a criminal used acid, boiling-hot water or lit cigarettes to cause skin damage. Almost half were in Birmingham, with the rest in other parts of the region. The numbers have been increasing year on year. We need to act fast to stamp out this kind of vicious attack

This is absolutely unacceptable and contributes to a cycle of escalation. That’s why I co-founded a cross-party group that will stand up to bigotry and prejudice, called West Midlands Together (WMT).

At Warwick University in March we held our first major conference. Amidst many constructive conversations, we heard from David Jameson, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, as well as leaders in our local Somali and Polish communities.

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