What I can help you with

What I can help you with

I can offer guidance on anything that relates to EU law, including: employment and trade issues, consumer protection, EU citizenship rights and environmental protection.

What I cannot help you with

Unfortunately, I am unable to assist with any issues which fall under the responsibility of the UK government.  Should you have any issues relating to education, the NHS, immigration or benefits then you should contact your Member of Parliament.  Find out who they are here.

Areas which fall under the remit of your local council - school places, planning decisions, social services, housing and public transport - I am also unable to assist with.  If you have a problem regarding one of these issues, your local councillor(s) are best placed to advise you.  You can find the contact details for your local councillor(s) here.

I am also unable to help with any legal issues including matters concerning the European Court of Human Rights.  In these instances, you will need to seek qualified legal advice.

Other sources of help and advice

You may find it useful to use one of the following official EU websites which offer direct, free and impartial help and advice:

Europe Direct answer general questions relating to the EU.

Your Europe Advice offers basic legal advice on specific cases involving EU law and can advise you on national laws in relevant countries that relate to your situation.

SOLVIT provides help where EU member states have not implemented EU law properly.