November: Trump and High Court Rulings

For the second time this year, millions of people were shocked that it seemed once again fear had overcome courage, ignorance had beaten knowledge and hatred had overshadowed love. There are definitely links between the US election and the referendum result in this country and it is important that we seek to understand the underlying causes of such radical shifts in the political landscape. A key lesson from all these experiences is that there are bridges that need to be built in all communities.

We must never stop challenging not just those who hold power but also those who preach hatred and division. The High Court Rulings which means that Parliament and the Welsh and Scottish governments can intervene in the Brexit negotiations is an important step the right direction. It beggars belief that people who campaigned for greater sovereignty for our parliament are now the very same people arguing against these measures.

The position of our party is clear that whilst we accept the result it is important that there is scrutiny on whatever deal the Prime Minister wants, this is not a blank cheque for May to draw up whatever deal she wants. This is extremely important for us as Labour, we cannot allow a backdoor Brexit to whittle down our hard fought for consumer, worker and environmental protections. 

The PM and this government cannot continue to make bland statements like Brexit means Brexit and give no clarity on what this actually means. The uncertainty is already started to affect investment into our region and lead to a rise in everyday prices. No-one is asking for a day to day commentary on the negotiations but we do need transparency and debate on what kind of Brexit we want..