Indian Prime Minister visits European parliament

Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister met attended the India-EU summit to meet with European Union delegates to discuss closer ties between the two regions. 

Neena Gill, vice-president of the European Parliament’s delegation to India said:

“India is a key strategic partner for the EU and particularly for the UK where we have even stronger ties with them through the commonwealth.  I welcomed the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Modi and have an open and frank discussion about improving partnerships between our two regions. “

“The Summit gave us the opportunity to re-open talks about creating better trade ties that would benefit both parties. We also are keenly aware that India will be a keep partner in helping to create stability in South-Asia and combat terrorism both in the EU and in India”

“In the West Midlands we have a large Indian diaspora who contribute hugely to the culture and economy of the region. We have just had the celebration of Holi and have Vaisakhi and Ramadan coming in the following months… these events allow people of all backgrounds to celebrate diversity and learn about the values of Indian people; humility, unity and compassion – values which I know we all share”