Labour MEPs back new EU data protection laws that will safeguard European citizens' privacy

Labour MEPs will vote on Thursday for new EU data protection laws that will ensure European citizens' privacy is safe guarded, after the proposals were given the green light today by the European Parliament civil liberties committee.

The data protection package consists of a regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and a directive controlling the collection of personal data for law enforcement purposes.

Labour MEPs believe it represents a major achievement, giving citizens control over their own personal data, and achieves the right balance between protecting fundamental rights and enhancing police cooperation and the exchange of law enforcement data.

Neena Gill MEP said:

"This data protection regulation will ensure business, consumers and NGOs will have greater clarity thanks to the new rules which include the requirement that clear consent be provided for the processing of personal data. The legislation will also require parental consent to be given in order for a child to be able to open a social media account, and makes clear consumers now have a right to be forgotten.

"The adoption of the package by MEPs will also ensure a clearer legal framework is now in place in the EU for data sharing for security purposes, such as the Passenger Name Record regulation, which will provide uniform regulation of the processing and sharing of passenger flight data between European Union countries."