Labour MEPs: OECD steel meeting is a crucial opportunity to tackle crisis

As ministers from around the world met in Brussels today to discuss the downturn in the steel industry, Labour MEPs reiterated calls for the UK government to back EU measures to solve the crisis, including action to clamp down on the dumping of steel by China.

Neena Gill said:

"This OECD meeting represents a unique opportunity for the international community to stand united and call with one voice for China to reduce its production of cheap, unfairly subsidised steel.

“China is clearly an important partner and we should welcome our continued economic cooperation - but Europe cannot roll over in the face of unfair trade practices that are damaging our industrial communities.

"The Labour Party has already called on the Tory government to end its opposition to the reform of trade defence measures at EU level. We must not be a soft touch with our partners when they are dumping their products onto our markets.

"In order to protect ourselves we need the tools to do so. We must act now, We must use all of our diplomatic muscle to encourage the Chinese to play ball or else soon there may not be a steel industry to defend."