Labour MEPs to vote to reject Commission’s proposals for an EU Port Services Regulation

Labour MEPs will this week voted to reject the European Commission's proposal for an EU Port Services Regulation, on the grounds that the proposed legislation includes few tangible benefits for the ports sector, its workers or the environment.

The Commission's proposal is the third attempt to establish ports legislation at EU level, after previous draft laws were withdrawn following large scale protests by dock workers in a campaign backed by Labour MEPs.

Neena Gill MEP said:

“Labour MEPs have consistently challenged these proposals and previous draft laws because they fail to recognise the different port models and approaches in each EU country.

 “The proposed legislation missed an opportunity to establish appropriate EU standards in the ports sector that prioritise safety, fair terms and conditions for port workers, tackling pollution and reducing carbon emissions.

Following the vote, the European Parliament is expected to enter into negotiations with ministers to find a common position. MEPs would then in due course have a final vote on whether the proposals become law or are rejected.

Watch Neena explain her reasons for rejecting this vote here: