Thoughts the morning after the 2017 General Election

Let’s have no doubt, Last night was historic. In spite of the polls, in spite of pundits, and in spite of the newspapers, The Labour Party has prevented the Tory party from gaining a majority.

Ever since 1979, The Sun has called every single election winner. Until today. On yesterday’s front page, The Sun - the UK’s most read newspaper - falsely described Jeremy Corbyn as The fiend of a terrorist, a Marxist Extremist and a destroyer of jobs. But the public picked up these newspapers, read these lies, and threw them in the bin.


We have reached a stage where the young have decided that they will be heard. The Tories ridiculed the youth turn out, but they turned out in droves and voted, in their best interests, for Labour.

Theresa May called a referendum on her leadership. The public had the chance to see the difference between her and Jeremy Corbyn. They came to a clear conclusion: Jeremy Corbyn is the best candidate to lead our country.

As a member of the European Parliament, my colleagues across the EU have been more than sceptical about the Tory hard Brexit. If we have learnt anything tonight, it is that there is no mandate to leave the EU with no deal. Theresa May asked the country to support her in this right-wing ideologically driven project, but the response was that the Tories lost votes, lost votes, and lost any resemblance of leadership. People do not want it.

We must now get behind Corbyn and the Labour Party’s Brexit minister, Kier Starmer, to negotiate a new deal with the EU that keeps our tariff free access to the single market; retains close links between our universities; and continues the sharing of intelligence with our closest allies, to keep our country safe.