Sweet Talk with Purity Soft Drinks

It was great to visit Purity soft drinks in Wednesbury this month. The policy of a 'sugar tax' is hot on the agenda right now so it was interesting to see how a local business is dealing with this issue.

For example, they told me about their school drink, which is 330ml and has a full portion of fruit contained within the drink with no added sugar - and kids love it! 
They explained that they have attacked sugar head on: now 75% of their range have no added sugar and over the past two years they have reduced sugar content by 20%!
I was fortunate to be able do a taste test between the different drinks - and I can honestly say that the lower sugar drinks were much tastier and far more refreshing. 
Purity plan to go even further in the coming months and years. I'm so pleased to see a local firm take on this international health challenge whilst still being a popular and growing business.