John Cleese supports action on Trophy Hunting - please join him!

Trophy-hunting is an immoral activity carried about the wealthy for selfish and inhumane reasons and it must stop now.  Europe is a major importer of hunting trophies, and more needs to be done to prevent unnecessary killing. I am calling on the EU to ban the import of trophies from hunts, such as tusks, tails and skin, into Britain and other EU countries in a bid to end the vile activity.

It was fantastic that this campaign received the endorsement of John Cleese, as it spreads the message of how atrocious this activity is and how all of us can help to end it.

Earlier this year, I held a conference to come up with an EU-wide strategy for tackling this issue. I now have proposed a written declaration that urges the European Commission and Council of Ministers to come down hard on this issue. If we are able to stop these products being imported into Europe it will make Trophy Hunting we send a strong signal to the countries that allow these atrocious acts.

Born Free and I are urging all of you to please write to your MEPs by April 18th and ask them to support written declaration 0003/2016 on your behalf.

Together we can end these vile acts and protects these vulnerable creatures.

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