Thailand must speed up migrant rights reforms and stop persecuting human rights campaigners

Labour MEPs have urged the Thai government to do more to ensure migrant workers aren’t exploited and those who defend their rights aren’t locked up.

The European Parliament today overwhelmingly backed a resolution calling on Thailand to make more progress against the exploitation of migrant workers, to reform its defamation laws and abide by international conventions.

The resolution also condemned the trial and conviction of human rights campaigner Andy Hall, from Lincolnshire, who was arrested for defending exploited migrant workers.

David Martin MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on the Thailand resolution, said:

“The European Union has today sent a strong message to Bangkok - stop persecuting human rights campaigners like Andy Hall, and do more to ensure exploited migrant workers are protected.

“The prime minister recently promised to turn Thailand into a developed country within the next 20 years. If he is to meet this target, then international standards on freedom of expression and workers’ rights must be respected.”

Neena Gill MEP for the West Midlands, added;

"We must support the work of people who are working tirelessly to protect the rights of others. That's why we have put our full support Andy Hall after he exposes the truth for the dreadful conditions for migrant workers in the EU. The harassment he has been subjected to is completely unacceptable" 

"We cannot let our commitment to Human Rights slide even in these troubling and uncertain times with the Brexit negotations. Labour MEPs will fight to make sure they are a top priority post-brexit so we can continue to fight for decent working rights across the globe"