The Results are In

The decision has been made and Britain is taking a leap in the unknown. The shock-waves have been felt across the globe, but in the UK it’s like a tsunami. We have seen the pound collapse to a 31 year low against the dollar and a fall against the euro. $3 trillion was wiped off the global stock market in 2 days after June 23rd. We went from being the 5th largest economy in the world to the 6th overnight.  For many of us the summer holidays have just got a lot more expensive and with consumer confidence so low - there are real worries of a recession in early 2017.

The disappointment in losing the referendum nationally was made harder because the results fared no better in the West Midlands. Looking at the results from across the region they followed the national trend; more economically deprived areas voted in higher numbers to leave. It was an extremely disappointing but not unsurprising result.

It's becoming clear to many who voted leave that they were made false promises and were told half-truths. Understandably the public is very angry. The leaders of the leave campaign are playing a game of hot potato and the Conservative leadership have absolutely no plan. It appears we will continue in limbo until we have a new Prime Minister. This simply isn't good enough - the people of Britain deserve to know what's next. 

The Labour Party must come together now to ensure that all the issues raised in the campaign are not ignored.  In these times of uncertainty it is important that the Labour Party remain united in their fight for social justice. Sadly, Britain seems to have lost its tolerance and harmony - I utterly condemn this sharp rise in racist attacks.  It’s important that Labour politicians and members up and down the count take initiative and counter this.
It is now time to think about how we will navigate through this period of transition. MEPs are likely continue to work until article 50 has been invoked and for up to 2 years after that. We will therefore continue to make sure we get the best deal for British people and the West Midlands