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Registering to vote


Why should I register to vote?

1. Voting is your right

Across the world, people have died fighting for the right to vote and for your right to live in a free and fair democracy. By registering to vote, you are showing that you respect what these people fought for and that you value this opportunity - which many people in the world are still fighting for.

2. Because you can have a say on things that affect you and the people that represent you

There is no point complaining about things that you don't like in your street, town or workplace if you haven't made the effort to vote. Afterall, you had the opportunity to do so and didn't. Registering to vote is so simple and fast that you have no excuses! Have a say in the things that matter to you by voting.


How do I register? 

It takes just 5 minutes to register!

Go online to:

Or send off your application by post. You can download a document here:

Alternatively, you can visit your town hall or council house and ask for a paper form which you can fill in.